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A Jonah Day.

I am having a day. I woke up, the house was a disaster, I started cleaning, and was interrupted my the mail lady with a subpoena. I am being sued by my dentist for non-payment and have to appear in court next month.


I just plain smack can’t afford to pay him, so I’m not sure what they’re going to do there. I’m not in the habit of not paying bills, so I don’t really know what the protocol is for such a situation.

I’m in the process of filing bankruptcy, so hopefully that will have some bearing upon things. I don’t know.

I’m finding that I’m losing my memory a lot lately due to the ECT. (Or maybe I’m just losing my mind.) Little fragments of time are slipping through the cracks – sometimes important ones. I missed my shoulder CT arthrogram yesterday. I forgot to feed the cats. I kept becoming tongue-tied. It’s very weird.

I do feel less heavy, though, if that makes any sense. I feel a bit of levity. I feel slightly buoyant. I can see where this might be going.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to feel ok. So grateful, despite this crap day of cleaning and being sued.

4 thoughts on A Jonah Day.

  1. 1. Call the dentist, informed them you are filing bankruptcy, you are ill, unemployed. The dentist may have turned it over to a collection agency, tell them the same thing. They may back off, it’s not worth their time/money or they may offer a settlement.
    2. Buy a small chalk/wall board, one with a blank calendar is good, write everything on the board the day you receive the information, especially if it’s in the future. If you receive it on paper, tape the paper to the board, move it when you change the month. Put the calendar in a prominent place in the house.
    3. A messy house is not bad, shows it’s lived in. If you feel up to it, clean, if not and it doesn’t drive you bonkers, ignore it!
    4. If it’s raining, thundering, lightening, take a nap!

    Have an absolutely fabulous day!

  2. Once the bankruptcy is filed, creditors have to stop harassing you once the bankruptcy files the “automatic stay”. So move forward with that as fast as you can. They will have to comply with whatever the bankruptcy court determines you need to do. Once the automatic stay is filed, if you are bothered in ANY way, they are violating the automatic stay and can actually be sued or have sanctions placed on them by the bankruptcy court. (I know this because 25 year legal secretary, AND also filed bankruptcy back in 1999).

    Good luck with it, hon.

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