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I wrote briefly about the Coronavirus and some of my concerns the other day. I wasn’t concerned enough, apparently, as I went out Wednesday night for bingo and drinks, and now here we are: all socially isolating and in a national state of emergency.

I watched most of the Trump press conference yesterday and wound up turning it off after all the corporate advertising and Pence’s ass-kissing moment; but I still stand by the fact that we were so slow to react to all this as a nation that it’s pathetic.

The emergency relief bill still has to be passed by the Senate, and Mitch McConnell is out of sight.

Fuck yes, I’m concerned. I’m concerned about myself and my family and friends, and I’m concerned about everyone. I’m concerned about the elderly in nursing homes who now can’t even have visitors to brighten their respective days. I’m concerned about people with autoimmune diseases who cannot fight this virus like healthy people. I’m concerned about out-of-school kids getting fed. I’m concerned that I might have to start wiping my butt with pot holders.

Most of all, I’m concerned that since America was not on the ball for this one, it’s going to get much, much worse before it gets better.

So, if you’re scared and frustrated and angry, you’re not alone. I think most of us are feeling these things.

I am trying to just breathe, keep the house clean because Jasmine’s friends are over a lot (something that probably needs to stop), and wash my hands.

I’m used to self-isolation so that isn’t bothering me much, but I can see how having your spouse telecommuting, your kids off school, or being shut in when you’re typically on the go all the time could be trying. I think that patience is key.

As far as getting tested, my daughter and I are thinking about it because we’ve both had deep chest colds for a while now. If my insurance will pay, I will go get tested in the interest of keeping my family safe.

Unfortunately panic buying is probably going to continue, so I’m also trying to be judicious in my use of supplies – particularly toilet paper. I’ve certainly cut down to only the squares needed, and I don’t waste.

I bought a Brita filter so that we won’t have to buy bottled water (which is in short supply as well as a huge waste of plastic), but it won’t fit my 1940’s-era faucet. So, we are looking at new kitchen faucets. The sprayer is broken on mine anyway.

I think the key to all of this is to be always mindful yet not panicky; and to also be considerate of your fellow humans, because if you yourself have symptoms and are not getting tested you are doing the people around you an enormous disservice.

Also, everyone is scared. Just be nice. That should be a given.

I’ll be writing some sort of funny shit soon. I promise. Take care.

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