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Black Thumb, Go Green.

I bought a plant!

tiny plant grows cautiously

I was in the checkout at the grocery store, and on a small display table next to my cart sat a few small, bedraggled succulents. I saw this one, with its sad little droopy leaf hanging off of the side and its painfully dry soil, and I had to give it a home.

I’ll admit that I typically don’t have much luck with plants. My mother is the plant lady of the family. Her spider plants in the ‘70s and 80’s grew massive and terrifying protrusions, and her Wandering Jews are lush and lustrous. My stepdad, too, takes great care with his outdoor summer flowers, producing pretty little beauties like this:

lipstick red

I have killed a cactus, and that’s no easy feat.

Still, I am determined to make my new little friend thrive, and am keeping it in the kitchen on the counter; far from the cats’ ravenous eyes and the nasty porch cigarette smoke.

Here’s hoping.

2 thoughts on Black Thumb, Go Green.

  1. Ahh yes, plants are lovely things to behold, and lo – they make great composting material once we are done neglecting them too! Lordy…Fear not, oh great green thumb goddess of the north, for Amazon does ship silk plants to people like us, albeit with a warning that there will be NO warranty or money back guarantee for killing the damn things…Oh well, shit happens. LOL. Have a fab-u day my dear, and get those fingers a’ flyin’ across the keyboard so I can leave you naughty comments that may get me banned from your website…*bitch* Wheeeeeee!!! Love you, sweet thang.

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