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Bye, Asshole.

Looks like Trump is on his way out the door, and I am both excited and worried – excited because I loathe the bastard and worried because Mike Pence is no cakewalk either.

My daughter is transgender. This presents particular strain for our family should he fall into the presidency, as he is a religious whack job, and particularly anti-LGBTQ.

Last I hear, though, there is a possibility of a Pence impeachment as well, and that would be fantastic.

Other than that lots is happening. I may go to a local drag show tonight, tomorrow I have ECT for the second day in a row, Saturday I’m going to a dance/karaoke event that Dean is throwing, and Monday I’m going to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with a friend.

Fall is always busier than summer, and I like it that way.

2 thoughts on Bye, Asshole.

  1. Hi sweetie! nah, we do NOT want Trump impeached whatsoever, despite both of us hating the bastard. Pence on down, or the folks in line to take the place of the impeached President, especially in this administration – area all SHIT! They are WORSE than Trump. No, we want Trump to stay where he is despite the current reasons to hate the S.O.B. I’m sure this doesn’t make much sense to you, but we can talk about it anytime you want to on the phone. Jasmine will be okay despite Trumps big mouth, so I wouldn’t worry kiddo. Anyway, another zap to your brain kinda days, huh? I’m sorry you have to go through all this with the ECT, I am counting on it stopping your horrible depression and the seizures. From what you have told me, you are no longer having seizures although it may be too soon to tell for certain, but that is what I am hearing from you. The depression aspect may be a longer haul, but stick with the treatments my dear, I have faith that this is the magic mix to give you back a life that you have been denied for so many years. Oh, and thank you for the lovely ‘El dia de los muertos’ metal box full of suckers! They showed up this morning and I am enjoying them as we speak. THANK YOU! Ahhh, pain free now because of a few Dum–Dum suckers LOL. Love you my darling girl, and keep the posts a’ comin’ !!!

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