Not Just Your Garden-Variety Neurotic Smartass.

Concussed and Nonplussed.

Happy Saturday.

Yesterday afternoon I had a seizure in the kitchen and bashed the top of my head into the steel dog gate, knocking it right out of the doorway, and then I slammed my head into the wood floor several times before Jasmine could get to me and put a pillow under my head.

I was unconscious for a while, so she called my mom to come over (we’re not in the habit of calling 911, since unfortunately this type of crap has happened before, but I don’t recommend this practice) and eventually they were able to rouse me.

Big headache. Big. I also couldn’t focus properly for a while, and I couldn’t get up off of the floor for about a half an hour after I woke up.

I’ve had concussions several times before, and I knew I had one – the nausea, blinding headache, and increased vision problems tipped me off – but I didn’t feel like it was worth going to the ER, because there’s really nothing they do for concussions but tell you to rest.

I stayed awake for a while, since you’re really not supposed to go to sleep after a bad seizure, and then I finally sacked out at six PM and slept until four.

I still feel pretty crappy. I’m still nauseous, my head feels like someone drove a truck over it, and I’m moving a little slowly; but I didn’t crack my head open and I certainly could have, so I’m counting my blessings.

I’m actually pretty amazed at the resilience of my tough old noggin. I have smacked it on almost every available surface – wood, tile, steel, even concrete – and somehow I’ve still managed to bounce back.

*knocks wood* (but not with my head)

Obviously the universe is looking out for me, and I appreciate it.

Tomorrow I will be attending the birthday party of a very near and dear friend at her parents’ home. They were like my second family growing up, and I haven’t seen them in quite a while, so I’m very excited. (Don’t worry, I won’t get Too excited, and I plan to sit the whole time.)

Today is all about solo Netflix-and-chilling. I plan to park my ass on this couch and not remove it until this evening. Have a happy weekend.

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