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I know that I got texts and messages from some of you yesterday. I just was in no shape to communicate. I will answer them today.

Jasmine, her boyfriend, and my mom and I arrived at the courthouse yesterday at nine thirty. Jasmine’s boyfriend came along for moral support, and my mom was a witness since she had seen the car with the two men drive by when she dropped some stuff on our porch that morning.

My mom testified first at about 11, and we weren’t allowed to watch her. She wasn’t in there for very long. I was next. There was a full jury in the courtroom. I looked to the right and saw the man who had beaten me and threatened to kill us with his attorney, sitting calmly in a dress shirt and tie. I felt like I was going to throw up.

The detective who had interviewed Jasmine and I several times was in the room, as were the prosecuting attorney and the deputy prosecutor. They were all nice people, but that unfortunately did nothing to alleviate my nerves.

I was asked a lot of questions about that day – basically everything that happened, and I answered truthfully and clearly. I was also shown many photos of my ransacked house from that day and asked to identify which rooms were shown. My 911 call was also played and I was asked to identify it. All in all, I testified for about 20 minutes. The judge released me from my subpoena, so I was free to go, and we broke for lunch before Jasmine testified.

We had lunch and relaxed a bit, and of course we were late getting back to court for Jasmine to testify, so they had someone else go first.

When it was time for Jasmine to go, my mom and I started to walk into the courtroom and were stopped. Since we had both been released from our subpoenas, we were told we could watch her, and I knew she needed us in there. Still, some lady told us that the bailiff said we couldn’t go in. I knew this was wrong, but there was nothing I could do. Jasmine was very upset.

She testified for about 20 minutes and when she came out, she had not been released from her subpoena, which means that she might be called back. This was due to the defense attorney. Jasmine was of course upset and furious, and so was I. The deputy prosecutor came out and told us we could go home for the day, but that Jasmine might get called back later this week.

I will of course go with her. I don’t relish going back there, but I’m not going to leave my daughter high and dry.

The whole process was painful and brought back horrible memories for us both. I just want it to be over.

In more pleasant news, my mom went out of town last weekend and brought me back some Amish raspberry jalapeño jam. Mmmmm.

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