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Going Riding On the Highway.

It’s 11 degrees today. Eleven! It’s still mid-November and I am not ready for this crap. I have short hair and my red, frozen ears are protesting.

Life continues to be a rather insane roller coaster. Do you remember that popular song from years back that went, “Life is a highway, I’m gonna ride it all night long.”? Well, my life is a highway, but it just so happens to be full of potholes and I am driving (for the first time in twenty years) a car with four flat tires that is leaking oil and antifreeze.

Let’s get the crappy news out of the way first, shall we? My Facebook was hacked, which I initially thought was no big deal, because all someone did was post some goofy weight loss ad and tag some of my friends. Then I did some digging and found that three people were logging in as me, two of them local. My Facebook is scheduled for deletion, which apparently takes a month.

Then, possibly as a result of this, someone hacked my debit card and cleaned out my bank account. I don’t know if you can imagine the stream of swear words that came flying out of my mouth, but I assure you it was colorful and imaginative.

That’s the bad news. Now for some good news: I got in contact with the local animal rescue team recently and let them know I was interested in fostering any cats they might have, and on Saturday I became the proud foster parent to one Miss Nancy Drew, an extremely pregnant cat who is very afraid and slightly ornery (as most pregnant creatures are).

Nancy was either an outside cat or was dumped outside by a previous owner (people can be rotten), so she spends most of her time in hiding, but she has allowed Jasmine and I to pet her, so she’s coming around.

To say I am looking forward to kittens would be a huge understatement, because tiny floofs would do my heart good right about now. The challenge is going to lie in not keeping one (or more) because I really, really do not need another vet bill. Still, kittens! BABIES! So cute.

It feels good to be excited about something, so I will hold onto that, and I will leave you with that too.

6 thoughts on Going Riding On the Highway.

  1. Wow, that’s some high quality evil if the same people got into your facebook and wiped your bank. That’s some ‘special hell’ shit right there.

    (in other news – at least we’re still blogging. m’sphere is back alive after many years)

  2. Sorry to hear that you are leaving Facebook, but you can always open a new account some day. I am curious about how your debit card was hacked, so we can be more careful.
    Thanks for becoming a feline foster mom, kittens are so wonderful.
    Hope things get better. Stay strong!

    1. Thanks Mireya! And I wish I could tell you how my debit card was hacked. It has something to do with buying something off of a link from Facebook. I guess that makes you vulnerable.

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