Not Just Your Garden-Variety Neurotic Smartass.

Good Morning.

I got this giant mum from Costco and it’s just starting to bloom. It looks gorgeous on my front steps.

I just got back from ECT. Today they put Toradol and Zofran in my IV because I’ve been getting headaches and have been really nauseous. So far it’s helping.

I’m really grateful to Dean for schlepping me back and forth to treatment, and today my mom picked me up because he had to work early. It’s great to have people to depend on.

I plan to rest throughout most of the day, and then get my kitchen cleaned up and do some laundry. I’m planning on starting a diet today because I am seriously out of control with food. Right now I weigh about 220 pounds, which is ridiculous for my small 5’10 frame. I’ve been eating with wild abandon, and that has to stop. There’s a treadmill in my back bedroom that’s been absolutely stagnant, and I’m going to spend at least a half an hour per day on that as well. It’s time to get moving. I’m too old to expect to have a stellar metabolism without exercise.

With that, I’m off like a prom dress.

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  1. Well Hello Gorgeous! Good to see that the doctors are trying to make you more comfortable post-treatment, it shows me they are listening and seem to care about how you are handling things physically. Hang in there kid or I’ll have to hunt you down and spank yer bankie-wankie, ya got it?! Lord it takes a village sometimes. So, on this, my birthday (don’t feel bad, my Mom forgot too LOL) I am sitting alone in my man cave, smoking my medical MJ in excess, and listening to fabulous music. Give me a call when you are feeling up to it, ya know my ass is always around for the most part. Again, give those folks that are shuttling you around a huge hug and ‘Thank You’ from me, they do it for the same reason I would…They love you. Now leave me alone woman, I’ve got blunts to attend to! LOL Lovies!

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