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It’s Early and I’m Tired.

Good morning! I’ve been up since three AM, because I am a Crazy Person for whom sleep has no meaning.

The images in the previous entry are finally fixed, thanks to my friend Gerard, who put up with me all morning yesterday. Gerard is a saint, and I’m going to start wearing a medal imposed with his image around my neck.

I recently watched a documentary called Fat. The title is somewhat misleading, since it is largely about the health benefits of the ketogenic diet; but what struck me was the effects of said diet on seizure activity. In several studies, one third of people doing keto had a major reduction in seizures, and one third had a complete cessation of seizure activity.

I like those odds. I’ve been having a lot of seizures lately, not to mention the fact that I’m at my highest weight aside from pregnancy, so I started keto yesterday.

I just ate a bacon and cheese omelette, and I have a pot roast thawing in the sink, and I assure you that I have absolutely no problem cutting carbs. Screw bread, I have bacon.

The only thing I’m truly going to miss is beer, but hey, vodka has no carbs, so there we go. My once-a-week night out can be accomplished carb-free.

Another thing I’ve been watching is the Netflix docuseries Cheer, and I am obsessed. I used to cheer and also perform on my high school’s dance team, but I was never into competitive tumbling or stunting, and it’s amazing to watch how hard these athletes work.

I also just finished The Witcher, which I highly recommend if you have Netflix. Yennefer of Vengeberg is my personal hero. Her costumes are FIERCE.

I’m still learning basic coding and doing my best to write bug-free code with the help of a book that was actually written for kids, because I’m childish that way. It’s been extremely helpful for a noob such as myself.

With that, I am going to go down an insane amount of coffee and start my day. Have an inordinately pleasant one.

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