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LGBTQ Rights.

I was sitting on my front porch this morning smoking and thinking about certain aspects of LGBTQ rights – one in particular, since gender confirmation surgery will soon be covered by Illinois Medicaid, and that will mean a lot to someone very, very near and dear to me – and how these rights have come such a long way, but yet there is still so far to go.

For instance, gay marriage is now legal in all fifty of the United States (as of 2015), but that doesn’t mean it’s widely accepted or embraced by a lot of the general public.

Trans people face incredible difficulties, from having to stand before a judge to have their gender marker changed (which doesn’t always fly), to the insane twists and turns and expenses that come with gender confirmation surgeries. There is also a ridiculously high level of negative scrutiny and badmouthing of trans people, some of it present in the media or taking the form of tasteless “jokes”.

LGBTQ slurs seem to still be as common as ever, or at least they are in my neck of the hood. If I had a dime for every time I heard a guy call another guy “gay”, I’d be typing this from the third floor of my sprawling mansion.

Clearly the attitude of the general population needs to change and become more open-minded and less rooted in ridiculous, archaic pseudo-Christian ideals (Christ taught people to love one another, and as far as I know there was no disclaimer stating “unless they’re queer”); or maybe people just need to be kinder to one another.

Love is love, and in this world of stress and strife, people should be free to love who they want to love and be who they are without slander or judgement.

As far as sex is concerned, as long as you’re not involving children, animals, or unwilling partners, have at it! Use condoms, take PREP, be safe, and enjoy.

Life goes by so quickly. The least we can do is build one another up rather than tearing each other down. We can speak up when we hear LGBTQ slurs and say, “Hey, that’s wrong.” We can advocate for our queer and trans family members and friends and help them to get the support and healthcare they need. We can be active in our communities and on social media.

I am blessed enough to have an extremely diverse family and group of friends, and I will fight for them. Join the fight and stand up for the rights of our LGBTQ friends.

Have a delicious day.

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