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My Body Doth Protest Too Much.

I have some herniated discs in my lower back that are making life a joyous, nonstop thrill ride at the moment, probably due to last week’s seizure and fall. Back problems are among my top 200 pet peeves, so I am currently just chilling with a cup of coffee before I actually do anything today.

I don’t like this business of getting older and falling apart. If there is a refund available for this junky body, I would like it now, please, before any more parts go awry.

Can you remember sitting cross-legged as a kid with absolutely no problem for hours on end as a kid? Now I sit cross-legged for five minutes on the floor with the kittens and I practically need someone to pick me up because my leg has fallen asleep and my back has just simply given up on life.

I’m in really crappy shape. I haven’t really exercised regularly since the first time I tore my rotator cuff, which happened during 2018. I need to strengthen up, limber up, and move my ass a bit. The problem there is that my rotator cuff is once again torn and I’m very limited in what I can do. However, I can still walk, so once mama cat has been adopted and is out of the back bedroom I am getting back to my treadmill, that old neglected friend. Once I finally have this second surgery and heal up it will be worth going back to the gym where I can do more total conditioning and cardio.

For now, I sit here like a lump, wishing that my muscle relaxers actually relaxed my muscles. But there’s coffee, and I certainly could never complain about that. Happy Friday.

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