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My Mom.

It’s not Mother’s Day but I don’t give a damn.

I really don’t know what I’d do without my mom. She is always there for me in innumerable ways – more than I deserve, to be sure. She drives Jasmine and me everywhere we need to go, she buys us groceries when I am broke (which is pretty much all the time), she thoughtfully picks us up things she thinks we’d like, and she always answers when I call or text, even if she’s at work or busy.

She rents Jasmine and me her house on the cheap, and trust me when I tell you that I could not afford even a one-bedroom apartment on Social Security, let alone a house.

She loves our pets like her own, and showers them with affection when she comes over. She worries about Jasmine like it’s her job; and while she sometimes drives her crazy, no grandmother ever loved a grandchild more.

My mother is fierce in her love. She cares about me and my daughter on a level that is ocean-deep and desert-wide. As a teen I used to run from this love because I felt it was smothering me. I was trying to assert my independence and I pulled away. As an adult my eyes were opened and I became grateful for this love, a love that is unfailing and ever-giving.

Sometimes I get annoyed with my mom when she tells me how to wear my hair or when she complains about my piercings. Still, I understand that in her mind I am still her little girl, and she only wants me to look that way.

Lovers have consistently failed me. Friends have sometimes proven to be two-faced. I have been hurt in many ways by many people. My mother has been a beacon of consistency and trustworthiness in my life when others have let me down.

We have had our problems, but have come out the other side to have an amazing adult relationship. I’m so happy and grateful to have her.

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