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Oh, Father.

I briefly got into it via text with my dad last night about politics. He is a staunch Republican and gun nut, and I am a staunch Dem, and many a fun family fight has been borne through our division.

He sent a series of shitty anti-Democrat memes to my e-mail, stuff about guns and Maxine Waters and immigrants; and I responded by saying that he should be glad that he raised a compassionate daughter that actually cared about the human race, and it just went downhill from there.

Thankfully we closed the argument by saying that we loved each other and that our experiences had shaped our world views, and we left it at that; but my Trump-touting father still makes my heart hurt.

I really can’t stand Trump, or many of his disciples. I think he’s a dangerous man, and what he preaches is poisonous. I wish that my dad had not jumped on board his particular train.

In other news, I feel pretty good this morning. After some coffee I’m going to hit the treadmill.

2 thoughts on Oh, Father.

  1. Yes, you and Papa have always had this bitter dichotomy of mind when it comes to politics. Good times, all.
    These days I admit to completely ignoring ALL politics on the planet, especially within the US borders. Division everywhere, people pissed off everywhere, do ANY of our elected officials do ANYTHING that we have elected them to do for us, ya know – THE VOTERS?
    I’m done. I act only within the sphere of my immediate influence and leave it at that. Politics on the whole is pretty much broken and fucked, planet-wide.Nice, huh? Just my opinion of course, but I live in the real world and being PC regarding politics is stupid. hell, PC ANYTHING, really, is stupid.
    Moving on. Don’t hit the gym too hard my dear, baby steps. Let your body HEAL.
    Oh, and your Father is an amazingly brilliant man, albeit a bit off his rocker at times LOL.

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