Not Just Your Garden-Variety Neurotic Smartass.


Good morning! So, what’s happening with everyone during your respective quarantines?

I am not: reading anything of consequence, showering daily, wearing actual clothes, Working on my novel, doing laundry, or making my bed.

I am: binge watching The Office, preparing to dye my hair some weird color, constantly screaming at kittens (BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS GET INTO THE WIRES BEHIND THE TV ARRRRRGH), doing some light redecorating in my room with some odds and ends I had, and stress eating.

I also cook and clean the kitchen and things, but those are basic tasks. (Not that taking a shower isn’t a basic task. I’m just in Slob Mode.)

It’s an incredibly hard and uncertain time for so many people, and I guess if ihad anything to say it would be “Help people, and have the good sense to receive help if you need it.”

Stay safe.

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