Not Just Your Garden-Variety Neurotic Smartass.


I’m feeling better this afternoon. This morning I had intense brain fog, was tired, and felt inordinately shitty; but that seems to have lifted, thank god.

I’m concerned that with each consecutive treatment these feelings are going to worsen, but I’m sure that the end result will be worth it. Again, a ninety percent success rate can’t be wrong.

I’ve had to delete my family members from my Facebook since I link to this site from there, and my mom was very concerned about my airing “dirty laundry”. I personally believe that it’s my dirty laundry to air, so on I go.

If I were spilling my mom’s dark secrets, it would be another matter.

I’m pretty much an open book. I think that life’s too short not to be honest with both yourself and others. Maybe I do it on a public platform, but I’m a writer. I write.

Signing off, your favorite oversharer.

2 thoughts on Relief.

  1. And WRITE you will my dear, all in good time. Rest up for now and tell Carol to call me if she’s concerned about your dirty little words of shameful things being broadcast to the world…I’ll give her my own words of truth and she will of course listen in horror LOL. Love you kiddo !

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