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Wow, do I have a ton of spam comments. This is what happens when you never update your damn blog.

Well, hi. I am indeed alive and well despite the fact that we have more snow than you can shake a stick at. (And believe me, I am shaking my stick at it furiously.)

I moved, which is great, but the house is a money pit, which is not so great. Currently I need new siding, a new roof, and not one but two new furnaces, as well as major landscaping in the spring; and today electricians are coming to replace my fuse box. Squirrels have also eaten two holes through the tv room ceiling. The fun of homeownership never ends, I tell you!

The power will be out for four hours. Will our heroine survive the 5 degree weather today? Only time can tell.

In my absence I have been furiously unpacking and decorating, attempting to keep up with cleaning and laundry, and putting dozens of photos into frames (don’t ask me how much I spent on frames).

I have a fairly severe Amazon addiction and I think I need an intervention. Bezos should be sending me a fat refund check.

The snow is still coming down, and it’s supposed to snow all day and all night. Having already been dumped upon with a good nine or ten inches, I am not enthused. I hate the snow – I think most people in the Midwest do – and when people tell me how pretty it is, I am somewhat mystified. Sure, during that first small flurry, when the trees sparkle and it’s not filthy from cars and plows, it looks beautiful. After that? Crap crap crap. It is pure crap.

I’m trying not to stress out about the absofuckinglutely ridiculous amount of money I’m going to have to spend on the house, because thankfully I have it and I know that in time, everything will get done. Sometimes this works, and sometimes I panic, and mostly I chain smoke and talk to my dead dad about trivial bullshit. It helps.

Grief seems like an endless process, and sometimes I am fed up and feel like I should be reasonably ok by now, but I know that it will continue on like waves, ebbing and flowing every day. I miss my dad like hell, and I don’t imagine I’ll ever stop.

Jasmine is still working a great full-time job, and I’m proud of her for keeping at it.

The cats follow me endlessly and snooze wherever I am sitting. It feels good to be loved that much.

I will write something more fun soon, something with a bit more zip, but it’s morning and my creative juices are not flowing. Have a great day.

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