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Tales From the Deathbed.

Good morning, friends. I am in quite a state right now, as is evident by the thirteen hours of sleep I got (and sorely needed) last night.

Every winter I get sinus infections and bronchitis. This probably comes from being a stupid smoker (and now, instead, a stupid vaper), so I just take my antibiotics and deal with it.

This time, though, I have a horribly deep chest cough and my asthma is so bad that I am unbelievably short of breath even after hitting my inhaler. I called my doctor the other day and told her what was going on, and she said that since I wasn’t running a fever it didn’t sound like COVID-19. She kindly called in some super strong antibiotics and an extra inhaler to my pharmacy.

I still feel like shit, though. I’m more tired than I’ve ever been in my life, and not being able to breathe is aggravating my seizure disorder. Fun all around! So, I’ve just been sleeping most of the day and all night, too.

I thought about going to the hospital to get checked for pneumonia, but I’m guessing that the local hospital is as overcrowded as fuck right now, so I’m just going to hope that these antibiotics do the trick.

I just wish that I wasn’t so exhausted, because I have a huge pile of laundry that needs my attention, my floors need to be vacuumed, and my house is in general disarray.

I have been watching a movie every morning, though, so that’s been a nice little treat. How is everyone coping with self-isolation? Are you working from home now, or do you still have to go out and interact with people?

I saw a meme today that made me spit my coffee out because it’s pretty damned true for me and a lot of folks living on disability:

Heh. Take care, and stay safe. I’ll be here, increasing the dent in the couch.

4 thoughts on Tales From the Deathbed.

  1. Working from home, today is day 1 and even though I brought this chair from work to be my work desk chair here in the dining room, my back is KILLING ME like it never does at work, and I miss my keyboard with the number keypad (none on this laptop) and I don’t have a mousepad, and can I be any more of a little whiny baby? ::sigh:: But at least there’s a cat wandering around here where there never is at work, so there’s that, right? (she just said, yeah, MOM, that’s RIGHT!!!)

  2. I’m off work for the next two weeks, due to possible exposure. The guy who may have it was the social butterfly of the plant, so EVERYONE is off for the next two weeks as well. We’re still getting paid, so that’s something, but I miss my routine which is working, sleeping, and cleaning my house. I’ve discovered that I’m not good at this “Free Time” thing.

    1. Oh Jeez, that’s rough. It would be great if you had a means to get tested. I’m used to being stuck in the house a lot of the time, but I definitely know that abrupt changes in your routine can drive you crazy. Good luck!!

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