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The Bionic Woman Strikes Again.

I went to see my orthopedic surgeon yesterday to talk about my mess of a shoulder, and he wanted to schedule surgery immediately, but I convinced him to postpone it until after the holidays. Who wants to be laid up during the holidays? Not this chick.

So, in January I will be having rotator cuff surgery for the second time; and this time he’s going to have to do a tissue graft. Ouch! Sounds very involved, and it also sounds like I am going to be undergoing physical therapy forever.

I will be grateful to have all of this over with, and very grateful to be able to raise my arm again and do things like put on a shirt without crazy contortions and extreme pain. Damned shoulder.

In other news, mama and babies are doing very very well. The kittens are teeny little mewing precious angels who have entirely taken over my heart, and Nancy Drew the cat has calmed down entirely and loves to be petted. I am so happy to have them.

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4 thoughts on The Bionic Woman Strikes Again.

  1. Kittehs!!! On behalf of my poor, cat-loving soul, deprived of kitty love these many years by an extremely allergic spouse…love those fireballs extra from me. ❤

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