Not Just Your Garden-Variety Neurotic Smartass.


Here I am with some outrageous eyebrows.

I feel like total crap. I blew off ECT yesterday due to horrible headaches and nausea. On Wednesday, the doctor gave me Toradol and Zofran in my IV to help combat these issues, but by Thursday I started feeling crappy again. Friday morning I almost passed out in the shower, so I opted to stay home, where I slept all day and all night.

I will return on Monday and am asking for a prescription for those meds. I guess those issues are common during ECT.

All I can say is that this had better work.

I’m currently sitting on the porch listening to the vague expressway noise with Nixie on my lap, waiting for my coffee to brew and smoking a cigarette. I love these quiet/not quiet mornings – it feels like everyone else is still asleep. No one is running lawn equipment yet, no one is driving around, no kids are playing; only the dull hum of highway noise is audible. It’s very peaceful.

With that, I think I’ll go check on my coffee and relax a bit. Happy Saturday.

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