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Update From Insanoland.

Well, hi there, lovelies. I’d like to say that I haven’t updated recently because life has been running as smoothly as a brand-new Mercedes and that I’ve been having a jolly old time, but things have been pretty crazy in this neck of the woods.

First of all, I’m actually supposed to be in court today because my dentist is suing me for non-payment. The line forms on the left, asshole. I owe something like a small fortune in medical bills. Thankfully, my bankruptcy lawyer has gotten a continuance; and by the time the case is continued, my bankruptcy will have been filed.

It’s so much fun being grossly in debt and not working that I can’t even begin to describe it.

Then, my daughter started having pain in her mouth, so she went to the dentist (same dentist). She needs a root canal. Big bucks there. So, I am throwing down 110 bucks for that; and my dad is loaning me the rest. I have to pay him back every month, which is a pretty stiff bill that I cannot afford.

Then we took Jasmine’s car in for a free vehicle inspection. What we learned was that the gasket cover that holds the coolant is cracked. That’s a job that requires 7 1/2 hours of labor and costs 915 dollars. We also learned that the car is leaking oil from multiple locations and needs two new rear tires. Fabulous.

I had the car towed back to our house, since there was really no chance of getting it fixed

I have three broken teeth and need a couple of root canals as well; but even with the new dental insurance I just got and am paying a hearty fifty bucks a month for, I can’t afford the deductibles for major repairs.

So, there’s all that, and I’ve been having some pretty bad stomach pain for about a month. Friday I started throwing up what looked like black coffee grounds. Saturday night it got worse.

Yesterday morning I called my GP and she flipped out on me, saying that the coffee grounds were a sign of internal bleeding and that I had to go to the ER right away. Somewhat panicky, I went. I was so panicky, as well as dizzy and tired, that I had a seizure in triage.

After I finally came to a while later, they hooked me up to some monitors, took a ton of blood, took urine, and did a rectal exam (oh boy).

After all this joy and happiness, it was determined that I had a bad stomach flu and a possible GI bleed. (Wouldn’t you think they’d have done an upper GI there?!) I was referred to a gastroenterologist and given two huge shots, one in each arm, for nausea. I was also sent home with five new meds, like I’m not on enough damn meds already.

Therefore life has been truly lovely of late, but I’m hanging in there, and I’m lucky enough to have good friends who care and check in with me and are there to listen to my woes. It helps.

Hopefully you’re having righteously good times and money problems are not on tap for you. Be well.

2 thoughts on Update From Insanoland.

  1. My God Jen!!! Honey, I can’t believe that you (and your Dad) are STILL helping Jasmine out financially. Goddammit – STOP IT! Make her learn to stand on her own two feet (in her 5″ heels’ that you probably paid for as well). I don’t doubt that you are having stomach issues from all of the stress in your life…Momma Jen, NO MORE helping Jasmine out financially, NO MORE! Stop Stop Stop. She’s an adult now and MUST learn to cover her own expenses, NOT you.
    Okay, Rant over. You and I need to chat on the phone TODAY my dear, call me and we’ll chat up a storm, okay? I LOVE you and I’m glad you are sorta okay with your tummy.
    Fuck. You don’t deserve the hell that you live through on a daily basis, it just isn’t fair…
    Now – CALL ME dear, okay?

  2. Hey darlin’, I’ll call you after I fill out this sick amount of paperwork and after I have this video chat with my lawyer on Messenger. Give me till about 4 my time, ok? ❤️

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